When a hardcore gangster finds out that he's been double crossed by his own mob family, he plans the greatest revenge massacre and heist of his life.

This is a crime film.

Projected Goal (U.S.Dollars)


Risk and Contingency Plan

If the budget goal is not reached within one crowdfund campaign, there will be at least two other crowdfunding site campaigns in phases or finishing funds. So if backers missed one contributing deadline, there will be another campaign right after that until the goal is met. If that goal is not met by three crowdfunding site campaigns, we will devise another strategy.

Raised Goal (U.S.Dollars)

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Updates on the movie

One is a Rat. One is a cop.

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Head of Production

Please check as we add new production team members.

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Byron Twice
Writer and Director

Has been in the film industry for last 15 years. Byron has either directed short films, music videos and has co-directed a feature.

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Here is a projected schedule and crowdfunding goal for the movie.

Funding Steps

1 to 3 campaigns until we meet our budget.

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Pre-Prep Production

Location scouting and research planning.

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Principal Photography

Filming begins for Traitors: The Big Payback.

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Visual Effects

Explosions and hand to hand combat.

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Fixing it in Post

Editing and Sound Mixing.

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Film Festivals and Distribution

Exhibiting and Marketing the film.

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